Hi, @everyone! I'm an experienced data scientist and educator who enjoys publishing about responsible AI (RAI) and the many ways in which data analytics have made their way into our lives. In this website, you can see samples of my work, including projects, UX case studies, and publications. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking to coolaborate or if I can be of any service.

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Data Science + Analytics

I am a trained data science and analytics professional with experience in Machine Learning, ML Ops, Data Strategy, and Storytelling.

Behavioral Design and UX Research

I have led design thinking workshops, brainstorming sessions, and have interviewed hundreds of participants for a suite of products in ed. tech. and HR tech.

Intercultural Competency

I've taught Global Leadership, Intercultural Development in Emerging Adulthood and related topics to HS and visiting undergraduate students.


B.A, M.S. Analytics

Master's Degree in Business Analytics, and B.A in Economics and Psychology from the University of Notre Dame du Lac, USA.

IBM Data Science

IBM Data Science Specialization issued by Credly and Coursera, convering topics of Machine Learning, Python, and SQL.

Google UX

Google UX Certificate Program issued by Google, Coursera, and Credly.

MLOps Nanodegree

Udacity Nanodegree on Machine Learning DevOps Engineering, solidifying experience with DVC, FastAPI, and pipelines.

Stanford CS + Mathematics

Courses on computer science (CS106A) and Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

Behavioral Economics (IL)

Completed Irrational Lab's (IL) Behavioral Economics Online Bootcamp, provided to companies